Tyler was not against me making a blog all about him AND I LISTEN TO THE QUEEN so here I am! Tyler is my Queen. I like to call myself his people. Tyler followed 8/21/13
Anonymous asked:
How the HELL do you still look perfect with pink eye?!

Oh GURL imma mess I don’t know what your talking about. I embrace my flaws though. I have no shame and maybe sometimes I should.:P

Anonymous asked:
Quick! Take a picture of yourself no matter how you look. You are beautiful always. Let it show!

This is my “i have pinkeye, still have my homecoming hair and am falling asleep look”. Look for it in my winter collection.


Anonymous asked:
how much did it cost to just meet tyler? like without the ticket price

It cost my sanity and my chill that’s for sure.

renaeonline asked:
How long have you seen yourself as a fangirl?

Literally since BIRTH. I STANED for Barney. Then it was NYSNC, then Aaron Carter and Drake Bell and then The Jonas Brothers (good christ i wanted them all) and then Cody Simpson and now a million people. So literally, my entire life.

Anonymous asked:
Hii, just wanted to say that you're absolutely gorgeous! Also, you're blog makes me so happy. Hope you're feeling better soon!!!

Hello! Thank you so much! You’ve made my day xox