Tyler was not against me making a blog all about him AND I LISTEN TO THE QUEEN so here I am! Tyler is my Queen. I like to call myself his people. Tyler followed 8/21/13
internettakesover asked:
I'm so happy you got tickets chase!!!! as soon as he mentioned Michigan I thought of you. can't wait for that selfie xx

Ahh! Omg thats so sweet! :) I’ll deff say hi for all of you lovelies!

ayetroyler asked:
Hi hi hi! (Please answer this privately) I don't mean to sound extra thirsty but im really close to 8k. Can you help me out? :)

Go follow a memeber of our fam! :)


Has anyone else been having trouble listening to the podcast? Whenever I click the link the icon and description show up but it’s showing that there aren’t any episodes available.

That happened to me too but rather then trying to listen to it on a web browser, it works on actual iTunes. :)

I’m excited to meet my queen Tyler Oakley, but I’m also excited to meet my birth father, Tyler Oakley. It will be a great family reunion. 

Anonymous asked:
Do that and try on his glasses and take a selfie with HIS phone. This way he has a selfie with you on his phone. I think that sounds crazy enough. Don't you?

That’s pretty intense. I don’t want to terrify him.

Anonymous asked:
When you meet Tyler do something crazy that he'll remember for a life time.

LIKE WHAT OMG. I kind of just want to hug him and never let go. So like, literally hang onto him the whole time until I have to be pried away? That’s pretty memorable. (im totes kidding)