Tyler was not against me making a blog all about him AND I LISTEN TO THE QUEEN so here I am! Tyler is my Queen. I like to call myself his people. Tyler followed 8/21/13

I remember when I first made this blog, I was kind of embarrassed to say “Yeah I have a Tumblr! Uh, yeah. It’s a fan blog.” But now I’m literally like, “LET ME PREACH TO YOU ABOUT MY QUEEN. OH HELLO YES HAVE YOU HEARD OF TYLEROAKLEYISMYQUEEN.TUMBLR.COM? YEAH, THAT’S MINE. YEAH, IT’S ABOUT TYLER OAKLEY! FOLLOW MY QUEEN ON TWITTER, TUMBLR, YOUTUBE AND INSTAGRAM!” 

Anonymous asked:
bruh you suck at writing it's ok to ask for help sometimes boo

Hello I am actually a very good writer. I’ve been in honors and advanced English classes since I was literally in kindergarten and you have no idea what my capabilities are. I assume you are referring to that homework I posted writing about Tyler earlier? That is in no way my best work and I get that. It’s just an online class that I’m trying to get done. Besides, you can not judge anyone for one thing. Lesson of the day for you. Thank you for the concern though!

Anonymous asked:
How do you feel about Tyler being on YouTube for 7 years?

I literally feel so overwhelmingly proud. I’ve watched him for SO long and he does so much good in the world and has created this amazing family in the process. I couldn’t be more thankful for him and I couldn’t ask for a more caring, inspiring, hard working, hilarious role model. Needless to say, I couldn’t feel more like a proud mother then I do at this very moment. :)

Tyler Oakley has come a long way since he started making YouTube videos in his bedroom back in 2007. In the past few years, he’s interviewed One Direction, collaborated with Darren Criss, met the president and tons more! So basically, Tyler is taking over the world!